What is Content Marketing?

Since man landed on the moon, which is ages ago, the world has changed so dramatically that a 5-year time capsule could easily be mistaken for a 10-year-one. Industries have evolved, great inventions realized, marketing strategies…blah blah blah! This is one terrific start but if the rest of the blog’s content has nothing new, interesting or of value to offer, it’s all garbage. “Why?” you may ask. Hold onto that question, as you read on and discover the greatest secret to getting content that is irresistible for both people and machines.

All around you is the term content marketing. Everyone is talking about it. Even multinational corporations and global leaders like Coca Cola, Cisco Systems and Microsoft are committing their resources to it. The 2010s have started with a hype that threatens to make content marketing the cliché of the decade. People are finding ways around traditional advertising strategies like TV commercials, magazine ads and online click buttons and banners through the use of DVRs and ignoring all banners and buttons when browsing the internet. A war of modern marketing vs traditional marketing has been waged, and content marketing is at the forefront.

Perhaps this is a good thing, seeing as it is that content marketing is at the core of marketing strategies by industrial shakers and movers. Marketing experts and thought leaders perceive it as the path the world is headed for, considering traditional techniques are every minute losing their power. Ask the likes of Seth Godin and other famous thought leaders and you will also realize content marketing is not just the future but already the present.

Without further ado, let’s get down to defining content marketing in relation to a regular online store owner. This is essentially creating and freely distributing valuable and relevant content to existing and potential consumers to make them more intelligent to the operations of your niche and ultimately make sales. It could be defined more simply as informative content development but a little swagger never did anyone any harm, right?

For an effective marketing plan, it is important that you do not just jump in and start giving out stuff across the internet with no concrete plan. You have to first define and understand your target audience. Do a serious research to determine the content platform they prefer, be it blog sites, news sites, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Learn their behavioural trends, personality, needs, problems and solutions.

Your content should be developed bearing provision of information or entertainment to this niche in mind. It is crucial that you understand you are not trying to sell stuff to people. Honestly, it’s just irksome when you see a web page that promises heaven but when you open it you find cheap and overused lines trying to lure you into doing whatever the website needs done to make money.

Create content that is compelling using articles, podcasts, videos, photo galleries or even narratives. This is where your creativity serves you perfectly but if you are not much endowed, then for the sake of all you believe in, stop being stringent with your purse and hire a professional content developer!

The good thing about professionals is that they create the content and also upload it on the appropriate platforms. However, you will want to go through their work and ensure it’s what you need. You certainly do not want it to be so dreadfully erroneous or boring that you risk your audience deserting and search engines penalizing you.

Whether you are rebranding yourself or starting out, keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to successful content marketing.  Invest money and effort into making your strategy captivating, or else don’t bother to even try. The game you are playing here involves high stakes and the amount of affinity you create for your website and the relationships you develop will be key in establishing brand preference and making you a market authority.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO and how to make your website visible please read more here.



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