Why Social SEO is a Must for Your Business

Traffic to a website is no longer solely determined by its content and effective use of keywords and Meta tags; now due to changes in the SEO landscape, a business’s total online presence has become a considerable factor. Google updated its SEO algorithm to now track the total online presence of a business by checking its Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube presence to determine how high to rank it in their search engine. This means businesses have to keep evolving their SEO strategies to ensure that they remain relevant.

 Using Social SEO to Promote Business

For any business seeking to succeed, a well formulated online marketing strategy is an indispensable necessity. The new Google algorithm takes into account the social media presence of a business and has thereby transformed Social Media from just a place to post funny pictures of cats to a significant marketing platform. The number of mentions your website gets on social media helps determine how relevant your website is; other factors that have become increasingly relevant for example are the existence of a Facebook and/or Twitter page, the number of likes or followers and the relevance of your status updates and tweets to your clientele.

Do Businesses need  Social SEO?

YES! The answer is a most emphatic and no holds barred yes. Google as the single largest search engine has an immeasurable impact on the visibility and therefore success of an online venture. It has updated its search algorithm directed towards SEO’s with two crucial updates, Penguin and Panda, whose mission is to weed out the websites that do not meet quality standards in relevancy, content and uniqueness.

You might be wondering whether not having a social media presence is detrimental to your business; lack of a social media presence can be as detrimental to your online presence as having a poor presence. The new parameters of SEO visibility takes into account customer satisfaction and appeal and this is best measured through social media feedback.

The Social Media presence needs to be dynamic, effective and relevant to clients in order to create positive feedback which boosts a business’s visibility and can even drag it from the murky waters of inconspicuousness to the heights of high traffic popularity. Achieving this requires a properly integrated Social SEO strategy.

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